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    Third commander of U-35, Hermann Michahelles

    Hermann Michahelles, 1933. [51]
    Hermann Michahelles was born on 11 January 1909, entered the Navy in 1927 (Crew 1927), and became commander of U-2 from 25 July 1935 until 30 September 1936. On 01 October 1936 he was promoted to the rank of Kapitänleutnant. From this date until to 06 December 1936 he was a U-Boat commander for the 2nd U-Flotilla, "Saltzwedel", preparing to commission U-36. On 07 December 1936, command of U-36 was transferred to Klaus Ewerth, and Hans-Rudolf Rösing took command of U-35. Hermann Michahelles was finally given command of U-35 upon return from its patrol to the Azores on 03 February 1937.

    Hermann Michahelles (middle) in 1937. [51]

    Hermann Michahelles. [51]

    Hermann Michahelles (right) in San Sebastian (Spain) in 1937. [51]

    Hermann Michahelles (left) with Otto Kretschmer (right). [51]

    Hermann Michahelles in July 1937, during his last patrol with U-35.

    Hermann Michahelles died on 30 July 1937 in an automobile accident in Haunstetten near Augsburg. [51]

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