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    U-35 commander Hans-Rudolf Rösing

    Hans-Rudolf Rösing was born on September 28th 1905 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, and entered the Reichsmarine in 1924 (Crew 1924).
    On about December 6th 1936, he was given temporary command of
    U-35 for a planned patrol in Spanish waters starting in January 1937; this patrol was canceled.

    Instead, a trip to Ponta Delgada in the Azores was undertaken, with U-28 (under temporary command of Hans-Günther Looff), which left Wilhelmshaven on 11 January 1937 and returned on 3 February 1937. 

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    The crew of U-35 on about 05 December 1936. Hans-Rudolf Rösing is standing near the center. [78]

    According to Hans-Rudolf Rösing, recorded by Lawrence Paterson for his book "Second U-Boat Flotilla",

    The flotilla's tenders provided targets for U-boats to attempt interception and simulated attacks. But the Baltic was too small for Dönitz to fully test his theories at

    group operations. However, despite repeated appeals for permission to stage Atlantic exercises, Hitler and Grossadmiral Raeder refused to allow U-boats to operate

    in any strength in the Atlantic while the war in Spain continued and the possibility of their presence could be misinterpreted by British naval units. On the other hand approval was granted to hold small-scale test-cruises to assess the handling of Germany's new submarines within the expansive Atlantic ocean. In Wilhelmshaven Kaptlt Wilhelm Ambrosius of U-28 was temporarily replaced by the veteran Kaptlt Hans-Günther Looff while his brother-in-law Kaptlt Hans Rudolf Rösing, also a veteran submariner and naval officer since 1925, was placed in temporary command of U-35
    for a planned joint voyage into the Bay of Biscay. 

    This was to be the first time that the boats had been into the Atlantic. I took over from Michahelles, as Dönitz was of the opinion that Michahelles had not enough experience therefore one of the 'old horses' was put in. At that time there was the Spanish Civil War and our two submarines were initially to be sent to the Spanish Civil War, but when we were equipped and fully ready the Spanish War was practically over and so we were sent to the Azores.
    We made the first experiences in really heavy weather. We had a Force 11 to 12 and then we found out what excellent seagoing ships these submarines were. And when it was too wet we could go down and relax.
    Of course, as usual, I was seasick. I used to be seasick for the first two days in the cruise. But later on I was okay. Normally I never did anything about it, in the war of course I took medicine.

    A more general description of his career can be found at http://uboat.net/men/roesing.htm

    Hans-Rudolf Rösing passed away on 16 December 2004 at the age of 99.

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