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My uncle, Werner Schnaack, pictured at left with his wife, Angela, and on the right with his brother, my grandfather, Ulrich Schnaack.
For more information about the Schnaack family, see my family page.
In memory of:
Dr. Werner Schnaack, 1906-1999
Ulrich Schnaack, 1908-2004


A few teachers have made a lasting and positive impression on me.
At the top of the list is my High School (Baltimore Polytechnic Institute) German teacher,
the late Mr. M. Howell Griswold,
pictured with his book "Baltimore Polytechnic Institute - The First Century" on 24 December 1984.
Left to right: My brothers Martin and Robert, David Hess, Mr. Griswold, me, and Mike Huber.
Mr. Griswold's eggcellent home-made eggnog is not the only reason we visited him.
* In memory of M. Howell Griswold, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Class of 1939. *

"anyone who recieve this bill will be blessed with ..."

"alot of money if they rewrite this on ten one dollar bills."

Needless to say, "the buck stops here."


Martin Schnaack, a German cousin, is in charge at Avantgarde,
which has one of the coolest web pages on the 'net.

Check out the online comic strip "Mair the Defender"!