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War Patrols

Several of the U-35 crew visited the Tower of London in post-war years. During one such visit, Gerhard Stamer shocked the tourguide and visitors by explaining that he had been one of the prisoners!

Werner Lott and Gerhard Stamer corresponded with Lord Mountbatten after the war, until Mountbatten's assassination in 1979. [7,39]

1972, 01 May: Reunion of the U-35 crew:

1974: Reunion in Wunstorf, hosted by Albert Schrader and Grete Balke:
L-R: Albert Schrader, Adda Erchen, Heinz Erchen, Elfriede Jacob, Gustav Horstkötter, Änne Horstkötter, unknown, Lucia May, Werner Lott, Grete Balke, Erich Bartold May, Willi Jacob, Johannes Weigand, Theodor Schütt, Ilse Schütt, Maria Weigand, unknown, Kurt Grosser, Peter Schwarz.

1978: An unofficial reunion of some of the U-35 crewmembers:
L-R: Siegfried Bruse, Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer, Peter von der Helm, Erich Bartold May, Johann van der Pütten, Albert Schrader, Gustav Horstkötter. [20]

1980: Reunion in Emden, Germany.
L-R: Albert Schrader, Hans-Joachim "Jonny" Roters, Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer, Willi Jacob, Paul Liebau, Heinz Pfeifer, Martin Müller, Gustav Horstkötter, Wilhelm Janssen, Werner Lott, Karl Sommerer, Erich Bartold May, Peter von der Helm, Gerhard Stamer. [55]

1982: Reunion in Neuß on the Rhine, organized by Lucia and Erich Bartold May. The reunion was reported in the Neuß-Grevenbroicher Lokal-Zeitung (now the Neuß-Grevenbroicher Zeitung): One article on 22 May, and another article on 24 May.
Photo: Augustusburg palace in Brühl. L-R: Inge Lott, Walter Konradt, Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer, Hans-Joachim "Jonny" Roters, Martha Konradt, unknown, Lucia May, Werner Lott, Charlotte Vollmer, Grete Balke, Wilhelm Silbernagel (guest), Mrs. Silbernagel, Änne Horstkötter, Gustav Horstkötter, Karen (girlfriend of Jonny Roters), Albert Göbel (U-39), unknown, Erich Bartold May, Inge Pfeifer, Heinz Pfeifer, Peter von der Helm, Martin Müller, Mrs. Schwarz, Maria Weigand, unknown, Willi Jacob, unknown, Johannes Weigand. [54]

1984, May: Reunion in Hamburg, organized by Adda and Heinz Erchen:
L-R: Martin Müller, Johannes Weigand, Siegfried Bruse, Willi Jacob, Gustav Horstkötter, Walter Roloff, Werner Lott. [54,63]
Werner Lott visited the Tower of London and Ireland in 1984:
Werner Lott returns to the Tower of London. This photo, taken in September 1984 by Yeoman Warder Brian Harrison, was posed in front of the metal railing to the west of the White Tower. The open area behind Mr. Lott was the site of his former prison, the Main Guard, which was destroyed by German bombs in December 1941. The 1984 visit was recorded by Brian Harrison in an article in The Legion in early 1985 (click to view). [35]

Sean Cleary with Werner Lott in 1984 at Cleary's farmhouse in Ballymore, Ventry, Ireland, where the Greek crew found refuge after SS DIAMANTIS was sunk. [34]

Jimmy Fenton with Werner Lott in 1984, at the point where U-35 landed the 28 Greek sailors at Ventry harbor, Ireland in October 1939. As a young boy, Jimmy Fenton witnessed this event.

His visit to Ireland was highlighted in two articles in The Kerryman (one article in 1984 (click to view), and another article in 1999 (click to view).

1986: The wreck of U-35 was located in July on the Viking Bank in the North Sea by a Norwegian oil drilling industry remotely-operated-vehicle [11]:

Sivertsen01.jpg (92451 bytes) Sivertsen02.jpg (67927 bytes) Sivertsen03.jpg (106943 bytes) Sivertsen04.jpg (111918 bytes)

1994: Reunion in Mesmerode, organized by Helmut and Anni Huxohl, Hotel Sonnenwinkel.

Men, l-r: Georg Ludwig Hengen, Hubert Hirsch, Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer, Gustav Horstkötter, Helmut Parthum, Werner Lott, Walter Roloff, Heinz Pfeifer. [60]

Various photos from reunions that are not yet identified can be found here: ../postwar/Bootstreffen.htm [55]

2001: Kurt Grosser and Willi Jacob are interviewed on 28 November in the Tower of London for a documentary:

TOLGrosserJacobSharpe.jpg (37295 bytes) Kurt Grosser, Willi Jacob, Chief Yeoman Warder Tom Sharp.

2002: Documentary was aired on UK Channel 4 on April 9th.

War Patrols

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