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18.V.2019: Willi Jacob, the last surviving crewmember of U-35, passed away at the age of 101.

14.X.2018: Happy 101st birthday Willi Jacob !

16.I.2018: In memoriam: the 102nd birthday of Kurt Grosser.

29.XI.2018: U-35 was scuttled 79 years ago.

3.XI.2018: U-35 was commissioned 82 years ago.

26.II.2016: First formal presentation of "U-35 Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!"

5.IX.2015: Updated Willi Jacob

23.III.2015: Commissioning of the new U-Boat U-35 (Nato S185)

28.IV.2014: Irma Stamer, widow of Gerhard Stamer, passed away.

25.I.2014: Updated Jakob Gödtel

30.VII.2013: Deutsche Marine U-35 (Nato S185), not yet commissioned, was damaged in Kristiansand Norway.

01.VII.2013: Martin Johannes Thieme passed away.

15.XI.2011: The new U-35 was christened in Kiel.

05.II.2011: Updated: Sandström is Heinz Sandmüller.

12.XI.2010: Updated: Hein Knack is Heinz Lindemann.

26.IX.2010: Added page for Walter Marhold.  Updated: Max Geissler

21.IX.2010: Gerhard Freier passed away.

08.VIII.10: Updated: Kurt Grosser, Karl Erzfeld

30.VII.2010: Added page for Otto Hyken.

28.VI.2010: Kurt Grosser passed away.

28.X.2009: Gerhard Freier and Evangelos Angelakos featured on Greek edition of Deutsche Welle.

23.X.2009: Willi Jacob and Evangelos Angelakos featured in the German newspaper Der Westen.

22.X.2009: Hans Thieme and Evangelos Angelakos featured in the Scottish newspaper The Courier.

17.X.2009: In Ventry, Ireland, a plaque commemorating the landing of the 28 Greek sailors of the DIAMANTIS was unveiled by the German ambassador to Ireland, Dr. Busso von Alvensleben.

07.X.2009: Added the crew list of the DIAMANTIS

12.IX.2009: Updated:Josef Gebhardt and Bernhard Rockenfeller.

24.XIII.2009: Updated the pages of Heinz Ahlers and Karl-Heinz Schmidt

13.XII.2008: Corrected page of Hubert Hirsch.

7.IX.2008: Corrected page of R. Stach.

7.IX.2007: Otto Wagner passed away

6.III.2007:  Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer passed away

11.IV.2006: Updated: Karl Waack

14.XII.2005: Updated: Richard Holstein, Wilhelm Seifert

22.XI.2005: Updated: Walter Konradt (died)

16.IX.2005: New page: Erwin de Terra

23.VIII.2005: New page: Karlgeorg Schuster

22.VIII.2005: New page: Hans Fechter

11.VIII.2005: Updated: Willi Dietrich

21.VI.2005: New page: Siegfried Schulz

11.IV.2005: Updated: Karl Reinecke.

22.III.2005: New pages: Karl Erzfeld, Karl Ziegenberg

21.III.2005: New page: Richard Holstein

15.III.2005: New pages: Hans Jenisch, Jakob Gödtel, Kurt Schumann

14.III.2005: Updated the page for Hermann Oertel.

29.I.2005: Updated the page for Erwin Mai.

Hans-Rudolf Rösing passed away on 16.XII.2004.

04.XII.2004: New page: Hermann Paulandt.

15.IX.2004: Updated the pages for Erwin Sparfeldt, Alfred Hornickel, Bruno Zielinski, Alfred Wernicke.

25.V.2004: New page: Walter Krage

20.IV.2004: New newspaper article: Kreiszeitung Wesermarsch 10. April 2004.


3.II.2004: New page: Johannes Eduard Belusa. Updated: Erwin Sparfeldt, Wilhelm Ebeling

30.XII.2003: New pages: Erwin Sparfeldt, Alfred Hornickel, Karl Reinecke, Wilhelm Ebeling, Josef Gebhardt, Helmut-Arthur Findeisen, Werner Thun, Jakob Eisenecker, Wilhelm Seifert, Bruno Zielinski, Alfred Wernicke, Otto Hohmann, Georg Buchsbaum, Ahlers, Max Geissler, Gruber, Hermann Oertel, Karl Waack, Stach, Leiss

29.XII.2003: New pages: Alfred Reitenbach, Otto Tietz, Hans Trömel 

12.XII.2003: New pages: E. Schulz and Ernst König

17.XI.2003: New page: Helmut Heinz

02.IX.2003: New page: Hans-Georg von Friedeburg, guest officer.

27.VIII.2003: New page: Klaus Ewerth, first commander of U-35.

19.VIII.2003: New page: Walter Morlock

18.VIII.2003:  New page: Anton Thimm.

11.VIII.2003: New pages: Erwin Mai and Felix Seitz

30.VI.2003: Updated: Rudi Schmidt.

19.VI.2003: New page: Karl Fehr.

06.VI.2003: Updated the page for Heinz Sandmüller.

19.V.2003: Updated the page for Erich Rosemann.
16.XII.2002: Major new page: Extracts of the British Anti-Submarine Warfare reports of November and December 1939.

12.XII.2002: New photo of crew, including Otto Kretschmer, Hans Jenisch, and Werner Lott, taken September 1937 in Kiel.

11.XII.2002: Major new page: Official reports of HMS ICARUS, HMS KINGSTON and HMS KASHMIR, and related documentation.

09.XII.2002: Updated the details of the scuttling of U-35 on 29 November 1939, correcting some errors.

26.XI.2002: New pages: Dietrich von der Ropp and Heinz Sandmüller

6.XI.2002: New page: Lindemann

30.X.2002: New pages: Erwin Fenzel and Johannes Martin

15.X.2002: New page: Erich Rosemann

26.VIII.2002: New page: Franz Nix

22.VII.2002: New page: Kurt Schmidt

19.VII.2002: New page: Johann Bruckmaier

17.VII.2002: New page: Karl Schlag

14.V.2002: New pages: Hans-Bernhard Michalowski and Jürgen Sander.

1.V.2002: Updated the page for Hans-Rudolf Rösing based on interview by Lawrence Paterson.

17.IV.2002: War Patrols page: Removed pictures of the sinking of U 39 (mistakenly identified as U-35); added a picture of the U-35 scuttling.

9.IV.2002: Willi Jacob and Kurt Grosser appeared in an episode of the UK Channel 4 documentary on the Tower of London.

22.III.2002: U-35 crewmember  Heinz Pfeifer passed away.

20.III.2002: Corrected all references to Chief Engineer Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer [87].

02.I.2002: Added a page for Martin Johannes Thieme. [85]
23.X.2001: New page: Mountbatten, which includes the extensive correspondences between Lord Mountbatten and Gerhard Stamer and Werner Lott, 1946-1978. [39]

18.X.2001: Added an excerpt from the book "The One That Got Away" [79] about Franz von Werra's escape attempt at Grizedale Hall that involved Werner Lott.

09.X.2001: Added a page for Willi Ensuleit. [78]
05.X.2001: War and Diamantis pages: Added a painting by Heinz Pfeifer of the rescue of the Diamantis crew.
02.X.2001: Diamantis page: Added article from The Evening News, 05 October 1939, reporting the landing of the crew of the Greek steamer Diamantis in Ireland.
18.IX.2001: Postwar page: Added articles from the Neuß-Grevenbroicher Lokal-Zeitung reporting the 1982 reunion: 22 May 1982 ("Jäger und Gejagte"), and 24 May 1982 ("Eine U-Boot-Fahrt in die Erinnerung").
10.IX.2001: War: Added a 1939 gum trading card depicting the DIAMANTIS incident.
05.IX.2001: Added a page for Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer. [corrected 20.III.2002]
12.VIII.2001: Bernard Long passed away. He witnessed the dropoff of the 28 Greek sailors of the Diamantis by U-35 on 04 October 1939 in his home town of Dingle, Ireland.
: POWs: Added a new group photo at the Gravenhurst POW camp that includes Gerhard Stamer, Heinz Erchen, Albert Schrader, Werner Lott, and Hans-Joachim Roters. [76]
14.VI.2001: Added a separate page for the DIAMANTIS incident, and updated the page for Otto Wagner.
12.VI.2001: Added pages for Wilhelm Zahn and Erich Herrmann.
01.VI.2001: POWs: Added a photo from the newspaper Daily Sketch of 05 December 1939, depicting U-35 POWs departing HMS KINGSTON. Paul Liebau, Fritz Pietsch, Gustav Horstkötter, and Gerhard Stamer are recognizable.
23.V.2001: Updated the page for Gerhard Stamer to include his correspondence with Lord Mountbatten. [39]
22.V.2001: Updated the page for Werner Lott to include his correspondence with Lord Mountbatten. [39]
18.V.2001: Updated the page for Helmut Parthum.
01.V.2001: On the Main and War Patrols pages: Added the cover illustration of the 23 December 1939 issue of The Sphere, which depicts the sinking of U-35.
24.IV.2001: Added a page for Erich Blume.
20.IV.2001: POWs: Added an article in The Scotsman, 04 December 1939, which describes the arrival of the U-35 Prisoners Of War in Scotland.
23.III.2001: Added photos to this page of U-35 under construction, and prior to commissioning. [73]
21.III.2001: Updated the page for Heinz Küfner. [65]
20.III.2001: Added a page for Dr. Karl Rabe. [16]
19.III.2001: Added a page for Hermann Michahelles and updated the page for Otto Kretschmer. [51]
02.III.2001: Jimmy Fenton passed away. He witnessed the dropoff of the 28 Greek sailors of the Diamantis by U-35 on 04 October 1939 in his home town of Dingle, Ireland.
11.I.2001: Added a page for Hubert Hirsch.
09.I.2001: Updated the page for Walter Kalabuch. [70]
03.I.2001: Added separate pages for Gottlob Wilhelm Fischer and Walter Arnaschus.
29.XII.2000: Added a page for Otto Kretschmer.
22.XII.2000: Postwar page: Added photos of several reunions in the 1970s, and 1982. [54]
20.XII.2000: Continued to expand the German version of this website.
16.XII.2000: Updated the page for Richard Friedrich Lüneburg.
28.XI.2000: Continued to expand the German version of this website.
22.XI.2000: Updated the page for Ernst Weber, courtesy of his half-sister, Liselotte Wiesflecker. [66]
26.X.2000: Added a page for Heinz Küfner, courtesy of his sister, Martha Kleinmann. Also affected: POWs page, and Wilhelm Janssen.[65]
25.X.2000: Updated the page for Wilhelm Janssen. Also affected: crews page, prewar page, and Johannes Weigand. [64]
20.X.2000: Added a separate page for Friedrich-Hermann Vollmer, crewmember of the tender ship SAAR and guest at many of the U-35 reunions; added all known former crewmembers to the crews page.
19.X.2000: Added separate pages for U-35 crewmembers Ernst Wensorra, Rockenfeller, Otto Wagner, Rudi Schmidt, Wilhelm Strauss, Richard Menzel, Willi Dietrich
17.X.2000: Continued to expand the German version of this website. Updated the documentation of the Klemm 35 training aircraft crash incident on the Prewar page, which affected the page for Martin Müller. [44,47] Also removed an identification error from the page of Siegfried Bruse.
06.X.2000: Updated the page for Siegfried Bruse. [20] Other pages affected: Werner Lott, Gerhard Stamer, Hans-Joachim Roters and Kurt Grosser.
04.X.2000: Updated the page for Karl Sommerer. [63] Also added a separate page for photos of not-yet-identified reunions [55], and updated the page of Willi Jacob [44].
26.IX.2000: POWs page: Added a video clip of HMS Kingston arriving in Glasgow, Scotland, and dropping off its portion of the U-35 crew in early December 1939. Recognizable are: Werner Lott, Paul Fichte, Siegfried Bruse, and Peter Schwarz.
25.IX.2000: Updated the page for Heinz Erchen. [61]
21.IX.2000: Updated the page for U-35 crewmember Peter von der Helm, courtesy of his son, Rainer von der Helm.
20.IX.2000: Added a separate page for U-35 crewmember Georg Ludwig Hengen, courtesy of his daughter, Hannelore Hengen. Additional pages affected: Gerhard Stamer and Heinz Erchen. More to come ...
13.IX.2000: Crews and Pre-War pages: Added reminiscences of Otto Kretschmer about his time on U-35.
12.IX.2000: POW page: Added an excerpt from the autobiography of Edgar, Freiherr von Salis-Soglio [58] which relates a fond memory of Gerhard Stamer at the Grande-Ligne POW Camp in Canada in 1944.
06.IX.2000: Updated the page for Heinz Pfeifer. [57]
05.IX.2000: Added the obituary of Werner Lott from BFW Vallendar; English translation not yet available.
25.VIII.2000: Added obituaries to the pages of Werner Lott, Heinz Erchen and Gerhard Stamer, courtesy of the Marine-Offizier-Vereinigung (MOV); English translations not yet available.
21.VIII.2000: Added a photo of U-35 under construction (below). Also added a photo of the U-35 nameplate being removed prior to the first war cruise, courtesy of Reiner von der Helm, son of U-35 crewmember Peter von der Helm; see the War page.
14.VIII.2000: Added a photo of a U-35 reunion in 1980, courtesy of Reiner von der Helm, son of U-35 crewmember Peter von der Helm; see the Post-War page. Also noted the Madsen/Henderson book [24] as featuring Gerhard Stamer on its cover (below).
10.VIII.2000: Added separate pages for U-35 crewmembers Paul Liebau, Richard Friedrich Lüneburg, Gerhard Oppermann, Fritz Pietsch and Helmut Parthum.
08.VIII.2000: Added separate pages for U-35 crewmembers Walter Kalabuch and Karl Schnute.
01.VIII.2000: Added two photos of U-35's first commander, Hermann Michahelles, and corrected his date of death. Courtesy of his nephew, Hans-Wolf Michahelles. Page affected: crews.
29.VII.2000: Added separate pages for U-35 crewmembers Gerhard Freier, Martin Müller, Karl Sommerer, Johann van der Pütten, Theodor Schütt, Johannes Weigand, Gerhard Marx, Walter Konradt, Erich Bartold May, Peter von der Helm, Wilhelm Janssen, and Ernst Weber.
27.VII.2000: Updated several U-35 crewmember pages, based on photo identifications from Willi Jacob, courtesy of his son, Reiner Jacob: Siegfried Bruse, Heinz Erchen, Kurt Grosser, Willi Jacob, Werner Lott, Gerhard Schrader.
18.VII.2000: Added separate pages for U-35 crewmembers Gustav Horstkötter and Heinz Pfeifer.
17.VII.2000: Added a separate page for U-35 crewmember Walter Roloff.
14.VII.2000: Added a separate page for U-35 Second Watch Officer Hans-Joachim Roters.
11.VII.2000: Added separate pages for U-35 First Watch Officer Heinz Erchen and crew member Albert Schrader.
21.VI.2000: Added a separate page for U-35 crewmember Peter Schwarz.
24.V.2000: Added an excerpt from Robert Fisk's book "In Time of War" about the Diamantis incident. Page affected: war patrols.
26.IV.2000: Added reference on the war patrols and post-war pages to Ryle Dwyer's article in the Irish Examiner on 30 December 1999 about the Diamantis incident.
31.III.2000: Removed the claim that Werner Lott had secured himself to the conning tower and was going to go down with the ship, but two crewmen cut him loose. I have been unable to confirm this incident; in fact, Willi Jacob insists that it is not true.
30.III.2000: Added reference to Rear Admiral George Crowley's obituary, courtesy of Brian Harrison, which describes the entry made by Werner Lott in the wardroom visitor's book on board HMS KASHMIR: "Wishing you the best of luck except against German U-Boats". Pages affected: war patrols and Werner Lott.
29.III.2000: Added German Naval Command log book (Kriegstagebuch) entries on the loss of U-35 on the war patrols page. Courtesy of Jürgen Schlemm.
21.III.2000: Incorporated a POW Identity photo of Kurt Grosser. Also completed the incorporation of photos of U-35 crewmember Siegfried Kienast; photos courtesy of his widow, Käte Kienast.
17.III.2000: Completed the incorporation of numerous photos of Prisoners of War and Fort Henry, from the collection of U-35 crewmember Paul Fichte, courtesy of his son-in-law Jürgen Bongard. Pages affected: POWs, Paul Fichte, Siegfried Bruse, Kurt Grosser, and Siegfried Kienast.
14.III.2000: Added an article in The War Illustrated, 28 October 1939, which describes the Diamantis incident.
13.III.2000: Completed the addition of a number of pre-war photographs from the collection of U-35 crewmember Willi Jacob, courtesy of his son Reiner Jacob. See Pre-War section.
12.III.2000: Uploaded 4 images of Prisoners of War being paraded on the streets of Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada; see POWs page. Gerhard Stamer is the Naval Officer in the front row on the right; Heinz Erchen, Hans-Joachim Roters, and Werner Lott may be visible. Courtesy of Cecil Porter, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada.
06.III.2000: Added a separate page for U-35 crewmember Siegfried Kienast; photos courtesy of his widow, Käte Kienast. Other individual crewmember pages include Werner Lott, Gerhard Stamer, Kurt Grosser, Willi Jacob, Paul Fichte, and Siegfried Bruse.
25.II.2000: U-35 crewmember Paul Fichte passed away.
24.II.2000: Added the first page of a German version of this website, thanks to the translating assistance of Jürgen Bongard, son-in-law of U-35 crewmember Paul Fichte.




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